Montage and Pablo Neruda

Our first video assignment of the semester in Multimedia was to create a montage of images that tell a story.  There can be no dialogue, but voice-overs or narration is ok.  We had two weeks to get footage and a week to edit.

I chose my favorite poem in the whole wide world – maybe slightly cliche or overdone but whatever – Pablo Neruda’s ‘Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines’.  I found some music that went beautifully with it.  I shot around my house and neighborhood during a two day downpour.  Appropriate mood, I thought.   My muse and friend, Chrissie Larkin, came into work the day before I was going to try shooting the story; I had no actor; it was fate.  She agreed to meet me the next day and came over.  We shot.  She was beautiful.  I edited.  I love it.

I think I’m going to continue working on it, because I love it for real.

Here’s the first draft:



Just wanted to re-post some of the other videos made my classmates concerning the theme of light.  The first here I’m a little partial to (I am the STAR!).  Everyone put in a lot of work and effort and I think it shows for these, our final project videos.


Nick Nesmith & Eddie Silva:

Gregory Castillo & Claudia Carillo-Odom:

Fabian & Michael Thompson:

Davison Wheeler & Richard Donaldson:

Derrickus Spratlin:

Nick Smith & Marcie Cabarga:

Erika Wynn & Genevieve Garcia: