The First Optometrists

A real eye-opening, (umm… pun intended) hopeful, elegant multimedia piece by the documentary team of Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele that was recently featured on Verve Photo – that fantastic site dedicated to showcasing emerging documentary photographers, among other things.

This is just more fodder for my imagination of what can be done with video and photography.  I want to make this.

From Verve:

Photographer Benjamin Drummond (b.1979, USA) and producer Sara Joy Steele (b.1978, USA) have been telling stories about people, nature and climate change for almost a decade. They work with a diverse range of editorial, nonprofit and agency clients to tell important stories through photography, video and strategic branding. Benj’s work has appeared in National Geographic, Mother Jones, Orion and PDN and has been exhibited at more than a dozen events and venues including the Houston Center for Photography and the Ansel Adams / Mumm Napa Fine Art Gallery. They are members of Aurora Select and are currently serving as project representatives on Blue Earth’s Board of Directors.

About the Story:

“Joel de Melo Bambamba and Suzete Guina are studying to become two of Mozambique’s first optometrists. After a series of civil wars left their country one of the poorest in the world, the population of almost 24 million is just beginning to recover. Yet, there are zero optometrists in Mozambique, and poverty and blindness are inextricable. The Mozambique Eyecare Project aims to provide a sustainable solution to the problem of avoidable blindness through optometrist education. There are now 56 students enrolled in the project, thanks to a partnership between the Dublin Institute of Technology, Lúrio Univeristy in Mozambique and the International Centre for Eyecare Education.”