The Seamstress

Final project for multimedia.  I’ve been working on it for weeks.  Did the audio twice and it could still use work.  I was rushed in editing so not one color correction was done.  But still… I’m really happy with the outcome.  I had a fantastic subject that was super easy to film and it was fun just getting to know her.  Danielle Mathis, seamstress/fashion designer.  I still have a way to go with filming, editing, audio, etc.  But one step at a time.

The Seamstress from Heather Hendricks on Vimeo.


And now for the cool…

Cool tones- icy, chilly, removed.

I feel a distance growing between us.

And you I choose as the coolest of the cool.

printed, mounted, presented to my class.

The runners up in the cool contest:

(I’m sorry.  I will never see you again.)

Our assignment this week was, obviously, finding and shooting cool tones.  I went out and shot a few different times, but my favorite was late Tuesday morning.  The day was gloomy and dreary.  There was a drizzle of rain, misting my glasses and getting on my nerves.  But I walked around downtown Atlanta, my camera in my hand, snapping away.  And the longer I did this, the more numb my fingers turned, the less I could feel my nose, but the happier I became.  I had a blast.  Each picture, whether it fit the assignment or not, was a visceral reminder of why I’m here.  Why I’m in school again in my (cough) thirties.  I love, simply, taking pictures.  I love creating an image, deciding a frame, attempting to capture mood and light and emotion inside a little rectangle.

It’s just the coolest.