A vimeo video (my friend Maia)

by filmmaker Julia Warr

seen on 101 cookbooks


The First Optometrists

A real eye-opening, (umm… pun intended) hopeful, elegant multimedia piece by the documentary team of Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele that was recently featured on Verve Photo – that fantastic site dedicated to showcasing emerging documentary photographers, among other things.

This is just more fodder for my imagination of what can be done with video and photography.  I want to make this.

From Verve:

Photographer Benjamin Drummond (b.1979, USA) and producer Sara Joy Steele (b.1978, USA) have been telling stories about people, nature and climate change for almost a decade. They work with a diverse range of editorial, nonprofit and agency clients to tell important stories through photography, video and strategic branding. Benj’s work has appeared in National Geographic, Mother Jones, Orion and PDN and has been exhibited at more than a dozen events and venues including the Houston Center for Photography and the Ansel Adams / Mumm Napa Fine Art Gallery. They are members of Aurora Select and are currently serving as project representatives on Blue Earth’s Board of Directors.

About the Story:

“Joel de Melo Bambamba and Suzete Guina are studying to become two of Mozambique’s first optometrists. After a series of civil wars left their country one of the poorest in the world, the population of almost 24 million is just beginning to recover. Yet, there are zero optometrists in Mozambique, and poverty and blindness are inextricable. The Mozambique Eyecare Project aims to provide a sustainable solution to the problem of avoidable blindness through optometrist education. There are now 56 students enrolled in the project, thanks to a partnership between the Dublin Institute of Technology, Lúrio Univeristy in Mozambique and the International Centre for Eyecare Education.”

Fashion – Sarah Moon on Sarah Moon

Something to think about as the first semester of being Second Year looms in the not-too-distant future.  Where we’ll be allowed creativity – in its long sought after glory, independence – like a new country or teenager-turned-adult.  Where we’ll be not only allowed but EXPECTED to be creative, independent, artistic, bold, vivacious.

Excitement.  Angst.  Nerves.

From this blog here a pro talks about her method, her fears, her millions of moments chasing a 1/125 of a second, hoping hoping waiting for magic, for grace, for beauty.

Call for entries!

The semester may be over.  We may have a month long break before hitting the grindstone again but that doesn’t mean we should put down our cameras.  Every week, every day there are other aspiring photographers out there getting better than you/me/us.  We must sleep with our cameras, eat with them, run with them, shower with them.  Well, maybe not the last one.

The motivation and momentum of class assignments can force us out of our comfort spheres to shoot things we wouldn’t normally.  With a break in assignments I found some calls for entries that can serve the same purpose [I found the first two here].  Here are a few.  As Tami Chappell says – Get out there and make some pictures.


Slow Exposures 2012 – a celebration of the rural south

Deadline: June 15, 2012

Enter here.


PDN Faces Portrait Photography Contest


• Animal Portraits
• Commercial/Editorial/Assignment
• Personal Work
• Babies/Children
• Self-Portraits

Deadline: May 23, 2012

Enter here.


PDN Objects of Desire Photography Contest


Food & Still Life

Objects & Interiors


DEADLINE:  July 12, 2012

Enter here.


During Spring Break Brooklyn, my sister and I ventured to the amazing Fort Greene area, [also the place of my future home I decided.  I absolutely fell in love with the neighborhood] where we saw Pina at the BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), after dining on the patio of a cute restaurant at dusk.  Aaaahhh, I just love Brooklyn.

Pina is a documentary/dance/art movie by Wim Wenders, about the acclaimed and amazing Pina Bausch, a visionary, a revolutionary choreographer that unfortunately passed away during the making of the film.   I was dumbfounded, astounded, amazed and inspired.  It was a beautiful film.  If any of you get a chance to watch it I highly recommend it.