Just wanted to re-post some of the other videos made my classmates concerning the theme of light.  The first here I’m a little partial to (I am the STAR!).  Everyone put in a lot of work and effort and I think it shows for these, our final project videos.


Nick Nesmith & Eddie Silva:

Gregory Castillo & Claudia Carillo-Odom:

Fabian & Michael Thompson:

Davison Wheeler & Richard Donaldson:

Derrickus Spratlin:

Nick Smith & Marcie Cabarga:

Erika Wynn & Genevieve Garcia:


One thought on “Light

  1. 1. You look gorgeous in Nick & Eddie’s video
    2. I have way too much to say about everything, so it’ll have to wait.
    3. I’m so proud of everyone and all the hard work they put into these. Everyone’s come A LONG WAY.
    4. I’m a little sad I couldn’t be a part of it all, but so thankful to know such talented people 🙂

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