Final Video for Multimedia I


Final assignment: Make a short video (3-6 minutes) in any genre involving, loosely, the theme of light.

Makensie and I paired up again to work on this project.  Our idea – a short film involving a chance meeting at a traffic light.  Oh.  At dawn.  We somehow talked the wonderful and talented Chrissie Larkin and John Boynton into getting up before 6 am and meeting us in downtown Atlanta to do all our filming in a short 40 minute time slot.  They were fantastic and shooting actually went over by about 40 minutes.  Which is great that we got so much footage, but proved to be a nightmare in editing, since the light was changing so rapidly.  We also added a bunch of timelapse videos we made of dawn, dusk and traffic lights.  I really enjoyed shooting those, even though they also involved getting up pre-dawn, finding parking, spilling coffee multiple times all over myself, and setting up.  Secretly, I loved it all.
I’m learning a lot.  I’m learning my strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.  I’m learning that I have a LONG way to go as far as shooting goes.  Everything I shot was either framed awkwardly or had too much shake.  However, I LOVE editing.  Not sure about Final Cut Pro X – it hasn’t been as user friendly as they”d like you to believe.  And I’m still pretty much clueless about color correction.  Aach!!  But I love piecing together bits here and there to make a cohesive whole.

Final analysis:  Many headaches and hurdles but definitely worth it.


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