Final Four Critique

Final Critique was yesterday for our Final Four images.  I was lucky enough to be in the final three.  Not sure if that means anything or not this semester, considering the huge talent of our class.

The guest reviewer was …  MICHAEL SCHWARZ!!


It was great to hear the very constructive opinions of not just Mr. Schwarz, but also Tami Chappell, Kyle Petersen, Claudia Winters, and Amanda Abercrombie Gardner.

Michael Thompson


This critique they also called on individuals in class to give their opinions and I think we have come so far since last semester.  Everyone’s critiques were informed, constructive and honest.  Not only are we becoming better at what we do but also in how we talk about what we do.  I’m really impressed with so many of my fellow classmates.  They have really raised the bar this semester and I’m proud to be among them.


Elchufa Fabian

Makensie Cooper


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