Urban Decay

For color theory, we have to create a project much like the one we did last semester for our black and white class. A project you work on over the course of about six weeks, culminating in a series of four images centered around a theme. Of course, this time in color, with color and its myriad attributes being a key ingredient in the recipe. I was planning on proposing small businesses in and around Atlanta as my theme, but at the last minute I submitted two proposals. I don’t know why I did it. I had numerous pictures that wouldn’t fit in the theme I had selected and I thought, eh, why not. I submitted a proposal for Urban Decay.

Lo and behold, small businesses was denied and I found myself stuck with Urban Decay as the theme for my final project. It took forever for me to get into it. I like abandoned things as much as the next girl, I like the THEORY of beauty behind decay and for months I’ve been wanting to explore abandoned Atlanta, but the actuality of it…. The reality of it…. I found any excuse to not go out and shoot for this project. However, I forced myself to and these are some of the rejected images from this trial of forced shooting.




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