One more video from Multimedia

Just came across another video from a fellow student for Multimedia I.  We worked together on our first project – Unknown – a fictional trailer.   She then changed classes so we were no longer able to work together.  Here is her and her partner’s final project.

I just loved it.

By Daria Blevins and Netasha Hurst


Today is the day to use your camera.

May 15th – presents a challenge to everyone who has access to a camera.  Join hundreds, thousands or more that will record and upload one photo today.   What’s in your world?

A day.  Today.

Make the shutter click.

Call for entries!

The semester may be over.  We may have a month long break before hitting the grindstone again but that doesn’t mean we should put down our cameras.  Every week, every day there are other aspiring photographers out there getting better than you/me/us.  We must sleep with our cameras, eat with them, run with them, shower with them.  Well, maybe not the last one.

The motivation and momentum of class assignments can force us out of our comfort spheres to shoot things we wouldn’t normally.  With a break in assignments I found some calls for entries that can serve the same purpose [I found the first two here].  Here are a few.  As Tami Chappell says – Get out there and make some pictures.


Slow Exposures 2012 – a celebration of the rural south

Deadline: June 15, 2012

Enter here.


PDN Faces Portrait Photography Contest


• Animal Portraits
• Commercial/Editorial/Assignment
• Personal Work
• Babies/Children
• Self-Portraits

Deadline: May 23, 2012

Enter here.


PDN Objects of Desire Photography Contest


Food & Still Life

Objects & Interiors


DEADLINE:  July 12, 2012

Enter here.


Just wanted to re-post some of the other videos made my classmates concerning the theme of light.  The first here I’m a little partial to (I am the STAR!).  Everyone put in a lot of work and effort and I think it shows for these, our final project videos.


Nick Nesmith & Eddie Silva:

Gregory Castillo & Claudia Carillo-Odom:

Fabian & Michael Thompson:

Davison Wheeler & Richard Donaldson:

Derrickus Spratlin:

Nick Smith & Marcie Cabarga:

Erika Wynn & Genevieve Garcia:

Claudia Carillo-Odom

One of the best of the Final Fours in my opinion were the photographs of Claudia Carillo-Odom.  Her theme was Bowling Alleys and I thought her final shots were pretty dang fantastic.  Just wanted to re-post her final four images here and give a link to her blog so you can check out the rest of her stuff.  A star on the rise…

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Final Four Critique

Final Critique was yesterday for our Final Four images.  I was lucky enough to be in the final three.  Not sure if that means anything or not this semester, considering the huge talent of our class.

The guest reviewer was …  MICHAEL SCHWARZ!!


It was great to hear the very constructive opinions of not just Mr. Schwarz, but also Tami Chappell, Kyle Petersen, Claudia Winters, and Amanda Abercrombie Gardner.

Michael Thompson


This critique they also called on individuals in class to give their opinions and I think we have come so far since last semester.  Everyone’s critiques were informed, constructive and honest.  Not only are we becoming better at what we do but also in how we talk about what we do.  I’m really impressed with so many of my fellow classmates.  They have really raised the bar this semester and I’m proud to be among them.


Elchufa Fabian

Makensie Cooper

Final Video for Multimedia I


Final assignment: Make a short video (3-6 minutes) in any genre involving, loosely, the theme of light.

Makensie and I paired up again to work on this project.  Our idea – a short film involving a chance meeting at a traffic light.  Oh.  At dawn.  We somehow talked the wonderful and talented Chrissie Larkin and John Boynton into getting up before 6 am and meeting us in downtown Atlanta to do all our filming in a short 40 minute time slot.  They were fantastic and shooting actually went over by about 40 minutes.  Which is great that we got so much footage, but proved to be a nightmare in editing, since the light was changing so rapidly.  We also added a bunch of timelapse videos we made of dawn, dusk and traffic lights.  I really enjoyed shooting those, even though they also involved getting up pre-dawn, finding parking, spilling coffee multiple times all over myself, and setting up.  Secretly, I loved it all.
I’m learning a lot.  I’m learning my strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.  I’m learning that I have a LONG way to go as far as shooting goes.  Everything I shot was either framed awkwardly or had too much shake.  However, I LOVE editing.  Not sure about Final Cut Pro X – it hasn’t been as user friendly as they”d like you to believe.  And I’m still pretty much clueless about color correction.  Aach!!  But I love piecing together bits here and there to make a cohesive whole.

Final analysis:  Many headaches and hurdles but definitely worth it.