A la teleprompter

So we learned the teleprompter.  How to use it, coach someone through using it while being filmed, etc.   We worked as a large group and recorded two people (I’m one of them!) going through a speech for the first time using a teleprompter.  Then we divided into a few groups (still pretty large) and edited them.  Following is the video that my group edited, starring my friend, Coach Fabian.



View Camera Magic

A couple years ago, I was given an amazing gift from someone that knew how into photography I was, and how much I wanted to be a real. live. photographer. I came home one day and hidden away in a cupboard was this rather large camera bag.  Inside of which was a beautiful and shiny 4×5 Calumet field camera.


I took the camera home with me to West Virginia for Thanksgiving that year and took a few photos around our home without really knowing the first thing about what I was doing.  I’ve been holding onto those undeveloped negatives and yesterday finally got around to developing them without any high hopes.

So after getting out of the pitch black developing room I was shocked and surprised to see images on those little negatives.  I may have leaped with joy after scanning them in and seeing how absolutely lovely the images were.   I’ve (finally) fallen in love with the view camera.  Forget all the formulas and the BORING technical assignments we’ve been doing since the semester began.   The most important thing is to just have fun with it.   The instructions of our tireless instructor Tami Chappell ring true.  ‘Go out and shoot.’  Even if it involves setting up a giant and cumbersome 4×5 field camera.