When Photographers Make Videos

We’ve been examining videos in our Multimedia class, looking minutely at shots, flow of action, angles.  We’ve watched editors work, heard their voices, started to really appreciate what goes in to the making of any kind of movie.  Blood, sweat and tears people.

And I’ve been thinking more and more about the different aesthetic or style that a photographer would bring to the making of a movie.  Would the individual shots be even more composed?  More thoughtful?  Would the story flow as smoothly and succinctly?

Following are three very different examples of what happens when photographers make videos.  These are three people that I keep going back to over and over.  These videos stay with me.  I think about them.  I find them beautiful.

1.  Something I found on the Burn Magazine site.  An American photographer who has been living in South Africa since the 1970s, Roger Ballen, who took his photographic style and applied it to video.  His photographs have been described as dark, controversial, important, exploitative and beautiful.  He made this incredible, weird, disturbing, fascinating music video and I can’t get enough of it.

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2.  A video that I first saw through my first semester instructor, Michael Schwarz’s,  website.  Photographer: Adam Ferguson.  A war/conflict photographer that reflects on his experience through a monologue and display of stills.  Lovely, enticing, interesting, mesmerizing.  I’ve watched this multiple times and still get chills.
You can view it at the VII site here: War Is Boring

3.  Last but most certainly not least.  Zackary Canepari.  I’ve been following him for the last couple years and he’s one of the most interesting and inspiring photographers I’ve come across.   He’s recently gone from straight photography to making documentary shorts about interesting characters and situations he finds in his home-state of California.  One example follows:


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