warm-blooded, cool-headed

Is it warm?  Is it cool?  YES.

Assignment for all photography students: A found situation, both warm and cool tones incorporated.  Capture it.  Edit it.  Print it.  Present for critique.

I had an idea for what I wanted.  An image captured, right at dusk or dawn, when the light is blue and hazy and your eyes are having to adjust.  A window or doorway leading in to a warm, inviting cozy place.

I went out Tuesday evening, 6:30ish, when the light had already faded quite a bit.  I found the situation I was looking for – yellow light inside, cool light out.  I took a bunch of pictures within five minutes, and because of the speed of the changing light, each one was completely different.  Amazing.  Light.  Our ever-inspiring and ever-challenging muse.

The image I selected:

Images from earlier in the week that didn’t quite make the cut:


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