View Cameras, or how to take one picture in ten hours

Bulky, cumbersome, old-fashioned.  Ahh, the view camera.

Set up: 30 minutes

Focus: Forever

Making sure the object is 1:1, per assignment instructions: 45 minutes

Light meter reading: 30 seconds

Figuring out the correct exposure using the bellows formula [B²/FM²=EF], aka, three ladies arguing/debating what each number means: 20 minutes

TAKING THE PICTURE!! [set aperture and shutter speed, ensure lens is closed, cock the lens, insert the negative carrier, pull sleeve, TAKE THE PICTURE, flip sleeve, insert sleeve, remove negative carrier]: 10 minutes

On to the next person.

Ron Swanson

I spent ten hours at school yesterday, working with the view camera to get one exposure, developing the negatives using a pain-staking, methodical, anxiety-inducing process with my developing partner, Nick Nesmith (45 minutes).  I printed color pictures for a color wheel project.

I found out I placed third in a Skills competition and now will move on to the state level!  The theme was Line, Repetition or Symmetry.  We had one day to take 40 pictures and submit our best three.  I was pretty surprised that I placed, considering the outstanding images submitted by my classmates.

Ten hours spent solely focused on photography.  I love this.

I will also be taking part in a month-long photo-a-day challenge I discovered through Christina of Photo Says Hello.  I’ll be posting those photos on my flickr page.  Feel up to the challenge?  Want to participate?  Sign up over here.


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