It begins…

In multimedia this week we dove in full body, head feet torso legs, and made a “simple” how-to video involving the Canon 7D using the Mark 5D to record.  [these camera names may not be correct – I am a Nikon girl after all – excuse errors please]  I was amazed at how nervous I was.  Or maybe anxious is the better descriptive word.  Recording video is something I’ve never attempted.  Then there’s the added pressure of simply touching the illustrious 5D.  But our team – Flex A – came out shining, fumbling and bumbling along the way [me], but laughing the whole time and being supportive of each other.  I have big dreams for our group.  We’re all very different, but aimed toward the same place.  Like little arrows lined up, our faces pointing at this far-away, pot-of-gold goal.  We’re gonna make it.

genevieve, christina and mackensie



eddie, sonuia, gregory

my backside, snapped by claudia. Gregory and our instructor, Mr. Montgomery


gregory, our shining star


One thought on “It begins…

  1. Wow, my look of defiance is your featured photo. THANKSALOT!!

    Just kidding 🙂

    We are going to make it, indeed. Perhaps we need to do a photographer-themed ode to the opening of Laverne and Shirley??

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